Call Before You Dig!

OUPS - Ohio Utilities Protection Service

Most people would be surprised to learn the number and location of underground utilities that run through their property. These buried electric, phone, cable, water or other types of facilities can be extremely dangerous if damaged, not to mention costly to repair.

Whenever you decide to dig in your yard, the very first step you should take is to call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS). OUPS will notify all applicable utility companies who will then locate their facilities.

By law, everyone MUST contact OUPS 48 Hours before beginning any excavation work. This applies to smaller, personal projects including but not limited to digging fence post holes, anchoring supports for decks and swing sets, planting trees and shrubs, and driving landscape stakes into the ground.

Call OUPS any time at 800-362-2764 or 8-1-1, or visit