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Searching for candidates like you!

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Members, just like you, have the opportunity to run for, and be elected to serve on, the Pioneer Board of Trustees and three district boards of Champaign, Miami, and Shelby counties.

Pioneer’s current trustees and county board members all come from unique backgrounds and experiences. They also began their involvement with the boards at different stages of their career and life. So, while some of you might be thinking, “I don’t know anything about electricity, but I’d like to get involved,” there are various opportunities to grow and learn throughout the process specific to the board you are interested in joining.

Some of our current trustees first spent years on the county boards, while others were elected straight to the board of trustees. There is no one-way path, and there is a place on the Pioneer boards for any members interested in getting involved.

So, what’s the difference between a seat on the county board and the board of trustees?

Both the county boards and the board of trustees are important pieces to the cooperative way of doing business, but which board you consider may simply boil down to time, dedication, and level of involvement.

The county boards mainly serve as nominating committees. They are the individuals who select interested members to run for the open board seats. They represent the members in their individual districts, of which Pioneer is divided into 12. The county boards meet three evenings a year in addition to an orientation, which acclimates board members with their new role. Each year four board members are elected to each of three county boards for three-year terms, and they can serve up to seven consecutive terms.

Board of trustee positions are responsible for the employment of the president/CEO. They provide organizational direction and establish company policy. Trustees participate in electric cooperative training and conference opportunities, most often requiring travel. They also attend monthly meetings primarily at Pioneer’s Piqua office and occasionally in Urbana. An estimated 30 days per year are required for meetings, education and training, and conferences. Three trustees, one from each district, are elected to three-year terms, and they can serve up to seven consecutive terms.

As a member-owned, democratically governed business, Pioneer strongly encourages member participation, and further encourages members to consider submitting their name, or the name of a fellow co-op member, who he/she believes would be a great candidate for one of our boards. It’s a great way to get involved with your cooperative!

For more information or to be considered for nomination, e-mail or call 800.762.0997 by Friday, September 7.

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